ZuMult @ deRSE23 : Conference for Research Software Engineering in Germany

Elena Frick and Thomas Schmidt presented a poster on „Software Development for Working With Oral Corpora“ at the 2023 Conference for Research Software Engineering in Germany in Paderborn.

The current review of web applications providing access to spoken language corpora (Batinik et al. 2021) shows that platforms developed for different corpora often share the same functionalities, but use totally different technical basis strongly tied to the data format and user needs they were designed for. The poster presents the ZuMult solution – an open source three-tier software implementation with an object-oriented corpus data model, that can be flexibly used for a unified access to spoken language resources located in different repositories and be easily adapted to various corpus types and usage scenarios. Furthermore, the use of established standards like e.g. CQP, Lucene and ISO 24624:2016 provides a solid basis for sustainability.

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